Renewables meeting Australia’s electricity needs as coal, gas exit

21.02.23 By
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An influx of new solar, wind and battery projects in Australia over the past six months will help to secure the nation’s power supply through to 2025, according to the Australian Electricity Market Operator. 

In welcome news for Australian households, the AEMO’s Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO) report shows the energy needs of all jurisdictions within the National Electricity Market will be met in the coming years, with no energy supply shortfalls forecast.

“Australia is switching to a clean, affordable energy system that delivers lower prices for households and businesses as well as fewer greenhouse gas emissions,” Dr Carl Tidemann, Senior Researcher at the Climate Council said.

“It’s a big change, but our energy market operator says things are on track. From the Waratah Super Battery in New South Wales to Project Energy Connect in South Australia, renewable energy projects are coming on line to power Australian homes, businesses and schools, as outdated and polluting coal and gas power stations continue to close.

“This is welcome news when it comes to tackling climate change and cost of living pressures. Wind and solar-powered electricity backed by storage, like big batteries, is now the cheapest way to produce electricity in Australia. This means Australians pay less than they otherwise would for power bills while we also cut emissions.

“Clean and affordable renewable energy is doing the heavy lifting when it comes to ensuring a reliable supply of electricity in the National Electricity Market. The way we use energy has already changed, and we need an electricity system that meets our needs today as well as those well into the future. With the right government support, we can rapidly roll out more renewable generation, storage and grid infrastructure that will enable a reliable energy grid powered by 100 percent renewables,” Dr Tidemann said.

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