Clean Economy, Clean Jobs: QLD Shows the Feds How it’s Done

10.06.21 By
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ON THE EVE of the G7, Queensland has announced new policies that will create thousands of new clean jobs, tackle climate change, and could position the state as a global clean industry leader.

The Queensland Government has announced it will create a $2 billion Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund. The new fund expands on its existing $500 million Queensland Renewable Energy Fund.

This comes off the back of a series of clean jobs announcements from the Government this week, including progress on a record-breaking renewable hydrogen facility near Gladstone and a $22 million feasibility study for a pumped hydro facility at Borumba Dam.

“With a $1.5 billion boost for clean energy and renewable hydrogen, Queensland will be able to power ahead as a clean industry leader. If done right, these investments can create a pipeline of long-term jobs for generations of Queenslanders to work in clean industries,” said Alix Pearce, Campaigns Director, Climate Council.

“These decisions have the potential to pay rich dividends now, and into the future, by providing Queenslanders with good jobs, affordable electricity, economic opportunities, and a safer climate,” said Ms Pearce.

“As the Prime Minister jets off to the G7 Summit to try to defend the Federal Government’s abysmal climate track record, state and territory governments are stepping up, and getting on with it,” said Ms Pearce.

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