NSW: Saving money by going all electric

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New South Wales households are trapped by escalating gas bills, which are fuelling a cost-of-living crisis. The good news is that New South Wales households could save up to $924 per year by going all electric! 

Gas appliances – including stovetops, heaters and hot water systems – are an outdated technology with no place in the modern home. They are more expensive to run,

as well as polluting. Gas is also a fossil fuel that’s worsening climate change, with major impacts like killer heatwaves and megafires occurring more frequently, or becoming more severe. While the costs of gas may be bad for you and me, it’s big business to certain corporations. Australia’s gas industry has spent 2022 trying to market itself as “renewable”, lobbying governments to allow even more gas mining and scaring Australians who want to electrify their homes with absurdly inflated costs for the change. They want to keep households trapped – paying exorbitant energy bills and using fossil fuels they don’t have to.

Find out how much you could save by switching your appliances and getting off gas:

Use the tables below to discover how much you could save by swapping out old and polluting gas appliances for new and efficient electric ones.  

Yearly bill savings in New South Wales based on gas vs electric with low and high range appliances:

Yearly bill savings when installing low priced appliancesYearly savings when installing higher pricedappliances + solar hot water

Possible savings when swapping gas hot water to electric hot water:

Swapping gas for solarSwapping gas for a high efficiency heat pumpSwapping gas for mid range heat pump

Possible savings when swapping gas heating to electric heating:

Swapping standing gas vs reverse cycleSwapping gas ducted vs reverse cycleSwapping plug in electric vs reverse cycle

Possible savings when swapping gas cooking to electric cooking:

Swapping gas burner vs induction

Payback periods in years for low and higher priced appliances based on yearly bill savings when converting from gas to efficient electric appliances.

Low priced appliances payback Higher priced appliances payback

If you want to learn more about the benefits of electrifying your home and getting off gas, you can read our full ‘Switch and Save report’ here.