NSW Government Fails Citizens By Funding Gas

04.05.21 By
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THE BEREJIKLIAN GOVERNMENT’S decision to spend taxpayers’ money backing a fossil fuel project is completely at odds with its commitment to net zero emissions and keeping the people of NSW safe from the impacts of climate change. 

Overnight the NSW Government announced it would provide $78 million to help expand EnergyAustralia’s 300MW Tallawarra B gas power station in the Illawarra. 

“The NSW government says it is providing a direct multi million dollar handout to one of Australia’s largest energy companies to burn more gas. To keep Australians safe, we need to reduce our use of fossil fuels, not support gas expansion,” said Climate Council spokesman and energy expert, Andrew Stock. 

“The NSW Government recently created the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap – a world-leading renewable energy and storage plan to roll out over the next decade. Its latest move to back gas makes no sense,” said Mr Stock. 

“Why would the Government back expensive, polluting gas power when renewables and batteries are cheaper, more efficient and quicker to build? There is already around 1000MW of new grid batteries in the pipeline in NSW, double that in pumped hydro, and the Government has said its own Central West-Orana renewable zone will add 3000MW of extra renewables,” he said.

Recently released data revealed that gas generation has declined for the past eight summers in NSW. Over the past summer, renewables provided 31 times more power than gas. 

“While EnergyAustralia’s Tallawarra B gas power station can run on low levels of green hydrogen, this is not sufficient. Any power station that burns more fossil fuels will make climate change worse,” said Mr Stock. 

“Australia doesn’t need new gas. Renewables and batteries provide affordable electricity, create jobs and reduce emissions,” he said.

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