New High-Profile Experts Join Climate Council Ranks

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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL has welcomed the appointment of new internationally recognised Climate Councillors to the ranks of Australia’s leading independent and not-for-profit climate communications organisation.

Climate Council Acting CEO Dr Martin Rice said the organisation’s robust climate communications and research had been bolstered thanks to the appointment of high profile experts; award winning climate scientist Joëlle Gergis and former New South Wales Fire and Rescue Commissioner, Greg Mullins.

“The Climate Council is thrilled to welcome two new expert recruits, Dr Joëlle Gergis and Greg Mullins. These Councillors both join us bringing invaluable expertise across climate science and extreme weather events, including drought and bushfires,” he said.

Climate Councillor Dr Joëlle Gergis is an internationally recognised and award-winning climate scientist from the University of Melbourne and author of ‘Sunburnt Country: The future and history of climate change in Australia’.

“I am honoured to be joining the Climate Council at such a pivotal moment in human history. The reality of climate change has never been as clearer than it is today. We only need to look at the the extreme weather and climate events unfolding around the world right now, including the   severe drought gripping much of eastern Australia,” she said.

“As we are the ‘land of drought and flooding rains’, sometimes it’s easy for people to confuse the difference between natural climate variability and human caused climate change here in Australia,” she said.

“I have spent over 20 years understanding the factors that influence Australian climate and extending our climate records for centuries into the past to provide a historical context for assessing recently observed climate variability and extremes. I hope to share the latest advances in our science to help everyday Australians understand the ‘new normal’.”

Climate Councillor Greg Mullins is an internationally recognised bushfire and natural disaster expert.

“I’ve spent almost 50 years on the ground battling blazes across New South Wales, Australia and around the world,” he said.

“Throughout my career as a fire officer, year after year I witnessed worsening climate change driving more intense and severe fire seasons, storms and floods. As we saw this week, fire seasons are commencing earlier than ever before and lasting far longer.”

“I’ve watched with concern as our environment has changed, as bushfires evolve into megafires. Even the latest firefighting technologies and increasing resources are serving as no match for horrendous fire conditions all over the world as fires continue to intensify.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Climate Council to highlight and explain how climate change is fueling longer, more intense bushfire seasons, storms and floods, and how we can protect all Australians, including our firefighters and emergency responders, from intensifying events through tackling climate change.”

For more information please contact Senior Communications Advisor Alexia Boland on 0438 972 260.

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