Morrison must acknowledge climate change in flood disaster: Climate Council

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AS TENS OF THOUSANDS of Australians take stock after one the worst extreme weather disasters in the nation’s history, the Climate Council is calling for action and accountability to avoid further such harm, and greater protections for communities and emergency services. 

A statement has been issued today by the Climate Council, an independent, community-powered and science-based charity. 

The statement points out that scientists have been warning for decades that climate change would worsen extreme rainfall and flooding. Warnings have been ignored by the Morrison Government which has failed to meaningfully tackle climate change or prepare communities. 

It calls on all elected leaders to acknowledge the role that climate change is playing in fuelling such disasters so that we can better prepare for, and respond to escalating extreme weather events.

The Climate Council is calling on all federal political parties and candidates to: 

  1. Tell Australians what concrete steps you will take to prepare and equip emergency services and communities for inevitable climate-fuelled disasters.
  2. Actively acknowledge the destructive role that climate change is playing in intensifying disasters, including these megafloods.
  3. Explain to the public how in the next term of Federal Parliament you plan to get national emissions plummeting by rapidly scaling up readily available renewable energy and building an economy that is free from fossil fuels.
  4. Ensure that towns, cities and communities are rebuilt in a way that takes into account the inevitable future changes in climate and makes them more resilient.

The Federal Government is yet to make any proactive statement about climate change’s role in one of Australia’s worst extreme weather disasters in living memory. 

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said: “It’s been one week to the day since Lismore was decimated by its most catastrophic flood on record. It’s been even longer since a ‘rain bomb’ left large swathes of Queensland completely submerged. 

“And yet, there has been no official statement or acknowledgement of the role of worsening climate change in these mega floods by our Prime Minister, our Deputy Prime Minister or even our Minister for Emissions Reduction. Not a word. 

“The Morrison government is failing to step up to the climate challenge, and prepare communities for worsening extreme weather. Now, tragically, Australians are paying the price.” 

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