The Heat Marches On

20.03.16 By
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A record-breaking start to autumn has smashed temperature records all over Australia, our new report has found.

Australia has sweltered through sleepless nights and sweaty days as summer temperatures continued well into March with exceptionally long warm spells recorded throughout much of the country.


Heat Marches On Report


1) Exceptionally long and hot warm spells in early March in southeastern Australia smashed records, contributing to the escalating number of heat records in Australia and globally as the climate warms rapidly.

2) These off-the-charts temperatures are driving dramatic and unprecedented climate impacts

3) As Australians continue to suffer from more frequent and worsening extreme heat events, the path to tackling climate change is becoming more urgent: no new coal mines can be built, existing coal mines and coal-fired power stations must be phased out and renewable energy must be scaled up rapidly.