Labor’s 2030 emissions targets must aim higher and go faster

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THE ALBANESE GOVERNMENT has today submitted its enhanced nationally determined contribution (NDC) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat. 

This formalises its 2030 emission reduction target.

The Climate Council welcomes Labor’s 43 percent emissions reduction on 2005 levels target by 2030. But it has urged the Parliament to fast track policies to rapidly reduce emissions this decade. 

The 2030 target will need to be strengthened significantly to align with the goal of the Paris Agreement to hold warming well below 2oC and to pursue efforts to limit warming to 1.5oC. 

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said: 

“Labor’s target is a significant step forward from the last Federal Government’s woeful do-nothing approach. 

“The climate crisis has well and truly arrived in Australia. Families are still without adequate shelter after the worst floods in living memory, we’re grappling with sharply increasing power bills due to our outdated reliance on fossil fuels, and we’re now having to play catch up with our allies after a lost decade on climate action. 

“It is very promising to see a ‘National Transition Plan’ on the table and a stronger 2030 target from the Albanese Government. But it will need to be strengthened significantly to effectively tackle climate change and protect Australians into the future.

“The solutions to the climate crisis and the energy crisis are one and the same. A lot more renewable power and storage to reduce energy prices, reduce pollution and protect Australia from global energy price shocks.”

The Climate Council recommends that Australia cut its emissions 75 percent (based on 2005 levels) by 2030, and aims to reach net zero by 2035.

2030 targets of Australia’s strategic allies and trading partners:

Australian states and territories with 2030 targets are:

The Business Council of Australia is calling for a 46-50% national target by 2030 and the Australian Industry Group a 50% cut by 2030.

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