Labor Vows to Jump Start EVs

31.03.21 By
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The Climate Council welcomes Federal Labor’s announcement that if elected it will slash taxes on electric vehicles to make them more affordable and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Australia trails the rest of the world on the uptake of electric vehicles.  We need to follow countries like the UK and Norway by introducing policies and incentives to help us make the switch to clean transport,” said the Climate Council’s Campaigns Director, Alix Pearce.

Less than one per cent of cars sold in Australia are electric, compared with 11 per cent in the UK and 75 per cent in Norway.  

“Electric vehicles are currently very expensive in Australia and consumers have few choices. We need policies to help EVs compete with older technology,” said Ms Pearce.

“Transport is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.  This pollution can be radically reduced by accelerating the switch to electric vehicles as well as ramping up investment in public and active transport,” she said.

Labor has also announced that should it win government it will also install 400 community batteries across the country, to provide storage for residential rooftop solar. 

Whilst both announcements are welcome, a new report from the Australian Academy of Science finds the Federal Government must rapidly accelerate Australia’s transition to net zero emissions to play our part in avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. 

“Strong 2030 emissions reduction targets will be critical in ensuring Australia is on track,” said Ms Pearce. 

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