It’s time to put pedal to the metal on renewables roll out: AEMO report

31.08.23 By

The Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) 2023 Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO) report makes it abundantly clear that the transition to renewable energy must be fast-tracked immediately.

The ongoing loss of reliability and projected coal plant closures highlighted in the 10-year outlook report mean clean energy projects waiting in the pipeline need to be activated quickly. This is vital for maintaining the reliability of Australia’s energy system.

In good news, the ESOO report shows Australia’s energy needs will be reliably met if governments around the country actually deliver on the commitments already made – including in New South Wales. 

Climate Councillor and energy expert Andrew Stock said: “AEMO’s report shows that accelerating the rollout of renewable energy, storage, and transmission projects is key to fortifying Australia’s energy supply.

“Critical to this transition are not only sources like wind and solar but also supporting technologies like advanced batteries and efficient transmission lines that can bring this generated energy to where it’s most needed.

“With a wealth of clean energy projects ready for implementation, Australia has no excuse for inaction. The consequences of maintaining our dependence on unreliable fossil fuels is a future fraught with climate and energy instability and risk. By industry, governments and communities working together to accelerate renewables, storage and transmission, Australia will ensure its energy future is both clean and reliable.

Climate Council Head of Advocacy Dr Jennifer Rayner added: “This report leaves no room for complacency. Leaders must act now to deliver on the commitments they’ve made to bring online new, clean energy generation. This isn’t the moment to bottle it.

“Clinging on to polluting fossil fuels will steer us into a climate and energy disaster – they are part of the problem now, not the solution. The only way through is to rapidly roll out clean, cheap renewable energy to power our homes, businesses and industry.

“This moment calls for cool heads and strong, decisive action. A sustainable, reliable energy future for Australia is within our reach, but it takes more than promises: now we need the delivery.”

The ESOO indicates that timely implementation of existing federal and state government commitments would be sufficient to address energy needs in most Australian jurisdictions.

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