The Critical Decade: International Action on Climate Change

28.08.14 By
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What action is being taken to tackle climate change, and how can Australia play its part? Momentum is growing: there is global agreement that we must cut emissions, every major economy is tackling climate change. But more must be done.


This is the Climate Commission’s third major report and follows a series of reports on the science and impacts of climate change and the opportunities in Australia associated with taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Commission’s first report, The Critical Decade, found that if we are to avoid the most damaging effects of climate change, then the world must take strong, rapid action this decade to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This leads to the question, what action is being taken to tackle this global challenge, and where does Australia fit?

The information in this report is compiled from a number of authoritative sources to answer that question.

Five Key Facts

  1. The world is moving to tackle climate change. More needs to be done but momentum is growing.
  2. Australia is a major player and is important in shaping the global response.
  3. We already have the technologies we need to tackle climate change.
  4. It is in Australia’s national interest to tackle climate change.
  5. This is the critical decade.