Here comes the sun: $1BN gov’t pledge will create Aussie jobs and boost the clean economy

28.03.24 By

THE CLIMATE COUNCIL welcomes the Federal Government’s $1BN commitment towards manufacturing solar here at home, an initiative that will cut climate pollution and create clean jobs for generations of workers across regional Australia. 

Dr Jennifer Rayner, Head of Policy and Advocacy at the Climate Council said: “This is Australia’s time to shine. We’ve got some of the best solar resources in the world and, as a nation, we love harnessing the power of the sun to electrify our lives. Already, over 3 million Australian households have put panels on their roofs to save money and reduce climate pollution. 

“Climate Council’s new Seize the Decade report  highlights the importance of enabling millions more households to install solar. It’s key to continuing the build out of our clean energy grid, cutting climate pollution and helping families take control of their energy bills. This investment from the government is a welcome, practical step towards making that possible. 

“Manufacturing solar panels here at home will make this proven technology more accessible for all Australians, and create more good, long-term jobs for our young people in regional energy hubs like the Hunter. This is what seizing the decade and securing a safer, more prosperous future for our kids looks like.”


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