Greenlighting Narrabri, Gaslighting Australians

25.11.20 By
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THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has cemented its position as a climate change laggard and driver of environmental destruction by approving Santos’ polluting Narrabri Gas Project, said the Climate Council.

“In greenlighting the Narrabri gas project, the Federal Government shows a lack of care for the families, farmers, and wildlife who need a safe climate to survive,” said Climate Councillor Will Steffen, who gave evidence to the NSW Independent Planning Commission.

“Australians have suffered through a horror year of scorching heatwaves, devastating droughts and unprecedented bushfires. This is the cost of continuing to mine and burn gas and other fossil fuels.

“People have lost lives, homes, and jobs; and over a billion animals have died. Australia cannot afford any more climate inaction.

Professor Steffen said the science was clear. “We need to keep global warming well below 2°C, and in order to achieve that we need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.This means no new fossil fuels, and a rapid transition to renewable energy,” said Professor Steffen.

Professor Lesley Hughes, Climate Councillor and Distinguished Professor of Biology, said: “The Narrabri project will have devastating impacts on local biodiversity and water resources, and will accelerate dangerous climate change.

“Australia does not need new gas, and a majority of Australians don’t want it. Governments and investors should be helping to transform Australia into a world leader in renewable energy. This would get Australians back to work now, while future-proofing our economy,” said Professor Hughes.

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