Global agreement the death knell for coal, oil and gas

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The Climate Council welcomes a historic agreement at the COP28 United Nations climate talks where countries collectively agreed on the need to rapidly shift away from fossil fuels.

At the conclusion of the climate summit in Dubai today, countries agreed to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030, and shift away from using fossil fuels like coal and gas in energy systems.  

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said: “This is a huge moment. For the first time, nations have collectively agreed to tackle the pollution – from burning coal, oil and gas – that is overheating our planet and harming people all over the world. This is the death knell for fossil fuels.

“This agreement sets us on a clear path to embrace clean energy technologies like wind, solar and batteries, and move beyond fossil fuels.”

This was a hard fought win that follows many years of determined advocacy by Pacific Island nations and other frontline communities. Australian Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen with the Australian delegation played an important role in finding a workable agreement. 

Climate Council Senior Researcher Dr Wesley Morgan said: “Australia remains the world’s third-largest fossil fuel exporter – exporting nearly three times the fossil fuels that talk hosts the United Arab Emirates does – and has dozens of new coal, oil and gas projects in the approvals pipeline. 

“The science has been clear for some time – we need to stop pollution at its source. Every step we take to cut pollution across electricity, transport and industry helps secure all of our futures.

“By aligning with international efforts to combat climate change, we can proudly stand alongside our Pacific neighbours knowing we’re doing everything in our power to protect communities in our own country and region. In putting our hand up to co-host these climate talks in 2026 with Pacific island countries, the steps we take next will come under the global spotlight,” said Dr Morgan.

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