Former Socceroos Captain calls for Climate World Cup

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Former Socceroos Captain Craig Foster says the 2023 FIFA World Cup should be used to further “the climate change agenda in sport globally, and make a major contribution to the world”.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie has welcomed Mr Foster’s open letter to Football Federation Australia’s Chairman, Chris Nikou, which has been sent today.

“Craig Foster is absolutely right in saying that climate change should be front and centre of the 2023 World Cup,” said Ms McKenzie.

Mr Foster’s nine-page letter says Australia and New Zealand should use every opportunity to amplify the urgency of the global challenge.

“The Women’s World Cup is an opportunity for Australia to show global leadership on climate change. It’s in our interest to do this. We only have to look at the summer’s catastrophic bushfires and the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef to see the toll climate change is taking on Australia,” said Ms McKenzie.

Mr Foster’s letter also points out that a climate-focused World Cup would have ramifications for all commercial partnerships for the event.

“Craig Foster’s proposal gives us the opportunity to kick things off differently,” said the Climate Council’s Head of Research, Dr Martin Rice.

“The international community has cried foul at the Australian Government’s unwillingness to act on climate change. The World Cup is a chance to showcase the beautiful game. Australia should play to the whistle of science,” said Dr Rice.

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