Federal Government urged to follow NZ’s example to open the boom gate to cheaper, cleaner cars

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AUSTRALIA’S friends across the ditch are showing us how it should be done, with the introduction of New Zealand’s Clean Car Standard from today. 

The Climate Council urges the Albanese Government to follow New Zealand’s lead to ensure cleaner, cheaper cars can be options for all Australians. 

Strong fuel efficiency standards are crucial to driving down vehicle emissions and encouraging manufacturers to bring more affordable electric vehicles into Australia. 

Fuel efficiency standards – like those New Zealand has introduced today –  limit how much pollution a car manufacturer’s new models can release before they hit the market. Companies are fined if they fail to adhere to this limit. 

Climate Council Head of Advocacy, Dr Jennifer Rayner said: “New Zealand is moving away from fossil-fuel powered cars and joining the growing list of countries with fuel efficiency standards. This shows that countries just like Australia – with right-hand drive cars – are taking this step.

“Currently, Australia remains a dumping ground for dirty petrol and diesel cars because there are no incentives encouraging manufacturers to send their cleaner and safer electric vehicles here. 

“The Electric Car Discount Bill has just passed through Parliament, bringing Australians a step closer to affordable electric vehicles. But we need strong fuel efficiency standards to really unlock the potential of initiatives like this, because this will deliver more choice in affordable EVs that suit Australians’ different needs.”

Climate Councillor, energy expert and former President of BP Australasia, Greg Bourne said: “Australia is one of the only wealthy countries without fuel efficiency standards. This doesn’t just leave us straggling behind 80% of the global car market that already has these standards in place,  it also leaves many Australians trapped into paying for expensive, petrol-guzzling cars that hurt household budgets, our health, and the environment.

“It’s great to see that New Zealand’s Clean Car Standards will be setting carbon emissions reduction targets which get more ambitious year by year. If they can do it, so can Australia.

“We know that Australians want to free themselves from high prices at the petrol pump and they also want cleaner, healthier air. That’s why Australia urgently needs strong fuel efficiency standards so that more Australians can get a cheap, clean electric vehicle that’s kinder to their hip pockets and the climate.

See our recent Race to Zero ranking here, which ranks the emissions reduction policies of the most popular vehicle brands in Australia.

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