Federal Government Body Sounds Climate Alarm Over Reef

18.07.19 By
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BREAKING NEWS: A key Federal Government body has identified climate change as the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef and is calling for greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced as urgently as possible. 

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority today released its “Position Statement”, saying the Reef could be hit by bleaching events twice per decade by about 2035 and annually by about 2044 if emissions continue to increase at the current rate. 

“This is one of the strongest statements we’ve heard from the Reef Authority,” said Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie.  

“Coral bleaching has caused massive damage to the Great Barrier Reef driven by a warming ocean. How bad do things need to be before this Federal Government will take action on deeply reducing emissions?” Ms McKenzie asked.

“The government needs to hear the advice of its own advisory body and listen to the cascade of international and national concern for the Great Barrier Reef,” she said.

The Climate Council is calling on the Federal Government to adopt a credible climate policy across all sectors that facilitates Australia reaching net-zero emissions as quickly as possible.

“We may be the last generation of Australians that has the opportunity to protect the Reef and we need to act now,” said Ms McKenzie.   

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