Energy Leadership Panel

20.01.21 By
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In December 2020, we hosted an Energy Leadership Panel with NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean, discussing his success in passing the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Bill, an ambitious, multi-partisan renewable energy policy that sets NSW on track to be a renewable energy superpower. 

Minister Kean joined Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie, Climate Councillor, former head of ARENA, and all-round energy expert Greg Bourne, and Director of AlphaBeta and co-author of our Clean Jobs Plan, economist Andrew Charlton for an enlightening discussion on the renewable energy transition that is already underway.

This Bill will create thousands of new jobs across regional NSW, turbo-charge the economy and give NSW residents access to some of the cheapest power in Australia. This is exactly the kind of investment needed to set NSW up for a strong economic future, and a policy that we need to see replicated at across Australia, at all levels of Government.

Check out the panel discussion below: