Efficient & Ambitious Victoria: Record-Breaking Clean Jobs Package

17.11.20 By
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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL welcomes the Victorian Government’s record-breaking clean jobs package announced today, which will see $797 million invested to help Victorians upgrade the efficiency of their homes, ramp up rooftop solar, bring down their power bills and create thousands of jobs for the state. 

“The clean jobs package announced by the Victorian Government today is a smart investment which will be critical to improving the health of Victorians, generating thousands of jobs and tackling climate change,” said the Climate Council’s CEO, Amanda McKenzie.

“Energy efficiency upgrades will be made available to those on low-incomes and renters, which will help to protect the health and wellbeing of many Victorian families during the summer and winter months, and save them money on their power bills,” she said.

The Victorian Government will also boost the rooftop solar rebates program, Solar Homes, including rebates for household batteries, which comes just weeks after the state announced its plan to build the largest battery in the south hemisphere.

“It is great to see Victoria, along with other states and territories, continuing to step-up on climate and investing in smart, sensible policies which will protect Australians, protect jobs and protect our economy from future shocks. We hope to see more announcements like these in the full Victorian budget released next week,” said Ms McKenzie.

“Our economic modelling shows that the Victorian government can create thousands of direct jobs over the next three years by investing in energy efficiency, rapidly getting people back to work while also tackling climate change,” she said. 

The Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan found 20,000 direct jobs can be created in Victoria over the next three years, rapidly getting people back into the workforce, whilst also tackling climate change. 

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