Dumping CET a grave mistake

16.10.17 By
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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL has slammed the Federal Government’s decision to abandon plans for a Clean Energy Target (CET).

Climate Councillor and energy sector veteran Andrew Stock said the Federal Government’s decision to walk away from the crucial CET is a major mistake and will do nothing to combat rising pollution levels and electricity prices.

“Australia’s leading scientists, business heads and major authorities have all agreed that a Clean Energy Target is the best way forward to tackle energy and climate policy – and it has been ignored,” he said.

“The ongoing internal political gridlock in the Government has totally derailed coherent energy and climate policy.”

“Uncertainty, rising prices and rising pollution will continue if the Government tries to prop up old technologies. All the experts agree that the energy system of the future will be based on renewable power backed by storage. Any policy that doubles down on old polluting power at the expense of clean energy is a barrier to progress.”

“Figures released in the Australian today show the Government’s alternative plan will produce less renewable energy than ‘business as usual’, and far less than required to tackle climate change. If this is the case it is a disaster for both energy prices and pollution.”

Stock pointed to public support for a Clean Energy Target, with a recent Climate Council poll showing three quarters of Australians (77%) recognised the importance of a CET.

Stock, who oversaw the construction of the last three large gas power stations on Australia’s east coast, urged the Federal Government to end the energy chaos, calling for solid energy and climate policy to support the inevitable transition to renewable energy and storage technology.

“The only barrier stopping Australia from transitioning to a clean, affordable and reliable energy system is politics,”he said.

“More renewables are the best way to bring down energy prices as solar and wind are the cheapest forms of new power. Australia can have reliable and affordable renewables and storage, 24/7 – we are just waiting for our politicians to get on with the job.”

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