Local Leadership: Tracking Local Government Progress on Climate Change

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In Australia, local councils and communities have long been at the forefront of climate action, continuing their efforts, despite periods of instability and inaction at the state and federal climate policy level. In recent times, shires, towns and cities have stepped up their efforts and profile on climate change action both at home and internationally.

This report introduces the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership program which highlights the leaders of councils and communities that are switching to renewable energy and building greener, more efficient and resilient communities.



1. Australian cities, towns and shires are at risk from worsening climate impacts, such as rising sea levels, floods, bushfires and extreme heatwaves.

2. Australian cities, towns and shires are major drivers of pollution, but can also be critical hubs for climate change solutions.

3. Australian councils and communities are leading State and Federal governments on tackling climate change and capitalising on opportunities in renewable energy.

4. Australian case studies demonstrate how local governments can: