Climate system changing more rapidly than expected: new report

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Climate Council report that reveals the climate system is changing more rapidly
than expected and with larger and more damaging impacts paints a stark picture
of the urgent need for action, Professor Tim Flannery said today.

Climate Change 2015: Growing Risks, Critical Choices provides the most up-to-date,
comprehensive synthesis of climate science in Australia and exposes the extent
of the dramatic changes in the climate system worldwide.

“In short, the
more we know about climate change, the riskier it looks,” Prof Flannery said.

“Heatwaves, sea
level rise and ice loss are all increasing as the air, the ocean and the land
continues to warm strongly. Extreme weather events like dangerous bushfire
weather are becoming more severe and frequent.

“But this is a
future we don’t have to have. Tackling
climate change and moving to clean, renewable energy is the right thing to do. It’s
the right thing to do to protect our health and wellbeing. The right thing to
do to protect us from economic shocks from worsening extreme weather and
opening new opportunities for jobs and investment in new industries. Unfortunately
the barriers to action are political.”

The report found:



The report underscored
that Australia’s post 2020 emissions reduction targets were too weak to protect
Australians from worsening climate change impacts, Professor Will Steffen said.

“As the escalating
risks of climate change have become clearer and more disturbing, other
countries have started to heed the warnings, putting in place tangible and
ambitious policies,” he said.

“But Australia’s
response to meeting the challenge of Paris is disappointingly weak; it is out
of step with the science and out of step with most of the developed world.”

Professor Lesley
Hughes said Australia had critical choices to make as country.

“We can embrace
the range of solutions to climate change, which are more feasible and less
costly than ever before, and build a healthier and more economically viable
future or we can continue to pay the many costs that come from delaying action
on climate change,” she said.


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