Climate Council welcomes Victoria’s game-changing switch to all-electric homes

28.07.23 By

The Climate Council welcomes the Victorian government’s announcement today that all new homes in the state will go all-electric from next year.

Climate Councillor Dr Kate Charlesworth said: “This is great news for the environment and the health of Victorians. We have known for years the damaging impacts of burning gas at home, such as increasing the risk of childhood asthma.”

The Victorian Government has also announced that from today all new public buildings that haven’t reached the design stage will also be all-electric.

“Gas is an invisible harm in our homes, schools and workplaces. The dangers it poses, especially to our children and vulnerable households, cannot be completely eliminated, even with better ventilation,” Dr Charlesworth said. 

“We have a responsibility to sound the alarm on gas, just as we did with asbestos and tobacco.

“Australia doesn’t need gas. We have the capability to power our grid with renewable energy. Making all-electric housing the default is a major stride towards clean, safe, and affordable homes for all Victorians.”

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