Canberra suburb foreshadows new solar standard

12.10.15 By
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SOLAR panels are destined to be the new insulation with no homes to be built without it, the Climate Council said today.

New Canberra suburb Denman Prospect will be Australia’s first suburb to have a minimum requirement for solar panel installation with each house to have a minimum 3kW system.

The solar systems will each generate approximately 4,146kW of clean electricity annually; avoiding emissions of approximately 3.7 tonnes a year.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said minimum requirements for solar panel installation would become the new norm.

“More than 1.4 million households in Australia already have rooftop solar so we know there is overwhelming support amongst Australians for renewables,” she said.

“No one would think of building a home without insulation now. In a few years time, the same will be true of solar panels.

“Denman Prospect is the first cab off the rank in what will be a new solar standard.”

Top 10 Postcodes for Solar PV penetration

  1. 5117 Angle Vale SA 65%
  2. 6437 Leinster, Sir Samuel WA 65%
  3. 2769 The Ponds NSW 64%
  4. 4516 Elimbah QLD 58%
  5. 6171 Baldivis WA 57%
  6. 3978 Cardinia, Clyde, Clyde North Vic 57%
  7. 5235 Cromer, Cromer, Edin Valley, Flaxman Valley, Mount Pleasant, Springton, Taunton SA 53%
  8. 5120 Buckland Park, Virginia SA 53%
  9. 5480 Appila, Laura, Stone Hut SA 52%
  10. 4511 Godwin Beach, Ningi, Sandstone Point QLD 51%

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