Bushfire Danger Period Begins Early in NSW

01.08.19 By
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PARTS OF NSW will begin their “bushfire danger period” today – two months early. 

The Rural Fire Service has pushed forward the danger period for 12 areas around the Northern Tablelands, mid-north coast and south coast because of continuing dry conditions. 

“Bushfire conditions in Australia are becoming more extreme and unpredictable as a result of climate change,” said Climate Councillor and former Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW, Greg Mullins.

“Our fire seasons are becoming longer and more severe.  Last August parts of NSW experienced out of control fires and there were Total Fire Bans in September. 

NSW could face a similar situation again this year. October used to be recognised as the start of the NSW fire season, but this is the new reality faced by fire services,” said Mr Mullins.  

“Rising greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of coal, oil and gas are worsening extreme weather and putting people in danger,” he said.

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have been rising for five years.

“We need real leadership from our Federal Government.  It must adopt a credible climate policy and Australia must continue the transition to renewables with storage technologies. 

There also needs to be more investment in protecting people and communities from extreme weather events driven by climate change,” he said.

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