Australia vs California

18.08.17 By
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Australia and California. We’re pretty similar right?

Both home to sand, surf and sun. We have similar vulnerabilities to climate change, and are both rich in renewable energy resources. We also use about the same amount of electricity!

But that’s where the similarities end.

Watch and share our new video that shows when it comes to climate action, California is kicking our butt!

Californian communities and businesses are embracing their renewable energy future with optimism. There are no half measures – California aims to be the biggest and the best in every way.

But Australia has an advantage over California, we are the sunniest country in the world with enough renewable energy to power our economy 500 times.

The trouble is we are not using it. Australia has so many opportunities to be a world leader in renewable energy, but sadly is lacking the political will.

Australia – it’s time to lift our game! Let’s ride the renewable wave.