Aussie Climate and Energy Policy Limbo Continues

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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL is stepping up its calls for strong and credible climate and energy policy to slash Australia’s rising greenhouse gas pollution levels, after a clear decision on the Federal Government’s proposed National Energy Guarantee failed to eventuate at today’s COAG Energy Council meeting.

The meeting concluded with states and territories waiting for the policy to be discussed and agreed by the Federal Government’s Coalition party room.

Climate Councillor and energy expert Professor Andrew Stock said that the proposed National Energy Guarantee’s emission reduction target of 26% by 2030 was woefully inadequate in order to effectively tackle climate change.

“Australia’s climate and energy policy is far too important to rush through. The delay in a decision from states and territories at COAG today, shows they believe the emissions target is critical and the current Federal Government NEG proposal just doesn’t stack up,” he said.

“Australia needs a strong and credible plan to transition away from the nation’s polluting, ageing and inefficient coal and gas fleet.”

“The Federal Government’s proposed National Energy Guarantee simply won’t deliver the investment Australia needs in new, clean and reliable renewable energy and storage in order to address the urgent threat of climate change.”

Professor Stock said by 2030, 55% of coal power stations in Australia will be over 40 years old, with these ageing generators experiencing almost 100 failures and breakdowns over the last seven months to June 2018.

“Australia’s ageing coal power stations are becoming increasingly unreliable and prone to breaking down and failing during climate change driven extreme weather events such as heatwaves.

“Their many recent failures show old coal cannot be depended upon to provide a reliable supply of electricity for the next two decades,” he said.

The Climate Council has released a roadmap outlining how Australia can cut its rising greenhouse gas pollution levels, while continuing the transition to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy and storage technology.

The ‘Clean & Reliable Power: Roadmap To A Renewable Future’ report features 12 key policy principles for any national energy and climate policy framework.

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