Are we there yet? Report reveals how states and territories are travelling on transport emissions reduction

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AUSTRALIA is moving towards cleaner and cheaper transport, but new analysis by the Climate Council has found big differences in the progress being made by different states and territories. 

Climate Council’s Are we there yet? Clean Transport Scorecard tracks each State and Territory’s transport emissions and examines how they are faring on a variety of clean transport solutions: public transport, walking and riding, and uptake of electric fleets. 

Supporting Australians to make the switch to these cleaner, cheaper options is an easy way to cut household petrol bills and our transport emissions at the same time.  

Rankings – Most to Least Progress

1. ACT (Clean All-Rounder award)

2. NSW (Public Transport Powerhouse award)

3. Equal third place TAS (Emissions Slasher award) and VIC (People Powered award)

5. SA (Charging Ahead award)

6. QLD (Fleet Footed award)

7. WA (High Hurdler award)

8. NT (Active Mover award)

The ACT is the clear frontrunner, with the nation’s capital leading on many clean transport metrics. But each State and Territory is forging ahead in some areas over others, with even the last-ranked Northern Territory coming out on top on the share of people walking and bike riding.     

Climate Council Head of Advocacy Dr Jennifer Rayner said: “Cleaning up transport is a huge priority as we work towards getting emissions plummeting this decade. What’s at stake here isn’t just a race between Australia’s states and territories, it’s a race against the devastating effects of fossil fuel emissions on our climate.

“Australians want clean transport options that are accessible, reliable and better for our hip pockets and climate. 

“This includes well-connected networks of footpaths and bike lanes, zero emissions public transport and affordable electric vehicles. State and Territory governments are putting their wheels in motion but our analysis shows they really need to hit the accelerator.”

The Climate Council’s People and Transport National Poll 2022 highlights the popularity of clean transport finding that: 

Climate Councillor, and energy expert, Greg Bourne said: “Transport is one of Australia’s fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and the sector is our third biggest source of climate pollution.

“There has been a lot of focus on electric vehicles recently, but we won’t achieve our climate targets or address broader challenges within the transport sector purely by replacing dirty petrol cars with electric ones. 

“Investment in clean public transport and making our towns and cities pedestrian and bicycle-friendly must also be part of the solution. This will deliver huge benefits for our health, hip pockets and the liveability of our communities – as well as being better for the climate.

“States and territories must step up on clean transport policies to help Australians free themselves from expensive, polluting fossil fuels.”

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