ALP Needs Climate Vision

24.06.20 By
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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL is disappointed that Federal Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has failed to provide leadership on climate change.

“The job of an opposition is to hold the government accountable. It is also Mr Albanese’s job to push forward ideas, but that didn’t happen at the Press Club this afternoon,” said Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie.

“Supporting carbon capture and storage is nuts. This is expensive, unproven technology designed to prolong the life of polluting fossil fuels,” she said.

“Australia has recently endured catastrophic bushfires and widespread bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef. On Saturday, temperatures reached 38 degrees in the Arctic. The economic shocks from climate change will get worse and worse. More than ever we need vision for our future and action on climate change. We need our Federal leaders to do much better,” said Ms McKenzie.

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