2016 on track for World’s Hottest Year on Record

17.11.16 By
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Another year, another record smashed, with 2016 set to become the world’s hottest on record, according to a new annual forecast.

The World Meteorological Organization’s preliminary statement on global climate shows temperatures soared between January and September, reaching 0.88°C above the long-term average (1961-1990).

Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie said the very real threat of a new global warming record should serve as a stern reminder for the Federal Government currently participating at the COP22 summit in Marrakech this week.

“The year isn’t over yet, however the final weeks of 2016 would need to be the coldest of the 21st Century in order to prevent the new warming record,” Ms McKenzie said.

“Global temperatures are sitting at 0.11°C above 2015’s record, in addition to reaching an estimated 1.2°C higher than pre-industrial levels.”

Ms McKenzie said Australia had already seen the serious consequences of the warming climate in 2016 first hand, with ocean heat contributing to the worst coral-bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef ever seen.

“If 2016 hits this new milestone, it will mean that 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have all been since the year 2000.”

“These extreme temperatures have caused mass coral deaths on the Great Barrier Reef and are exacerbating storms like we’ve seen in Australia in the last few weeks.”

The WMO preliminary statement comes just days after Australia ratified the Paris Agreement.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg are set to address the COP22 conference on Wednesday, outlining its intentions and plans to put the agreement into action here in Australia.

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