The Federal Government has introduced legislation for a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard for new Aussie cars, utes and vans in parliament. This is an important way to cut petrol bills and clean up climate pollution from our vehicles in one go. It will also ensure that car companies offer a greater range of lower and zero emissions vehicles which are cheaper and cleaner to run.

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While the legislation has been released, it hasn’t yet been voted on in Parliament. 

Brands like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Mazda are trying to pump the brakes on Australia’s New Vehicle Efficiency Standard. They don’t want to give up access to their own personal dumping ground for polluting, expensive to run vehicles… aka Australia!

The ‘Filthy Five’ car companies

Climate Council research found that Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Mazda’s 2023 new car sales are estimated to be responsible for as much domestic climate pollution as some of Australia’s biggest coal mines.

These Filthy Five car companies are in the same league as the most polluting fossil fuel – coal – that’s nothing to be proud of. The Australian Government has laws regulating pollution from coal mines, but at the moment the Filthy Five and other car manufacturers are getting off scot-free for their climate-wrecking impacts.

An effective New Vehicle Efficiency Standard can make these car companies clean up their act, so that Australians get access to cleaner cars that are cheaper to run. The transport sector must pull its weight in tackling the climate crisis, starting with these high-polluting multinational brands.

New Vehicle Efficiency Standard fast facts: