May 17 2024 Update: Australia’s New Vehicle Efficiency Standard passed Federal Parliament on 16 May 2024, and will commence on 1 January 2025. This is a huge win for our climate, our health and our hip pockets, and something the Climate Council campaigned hard for. Find out how the policy will work, and all the benefits Aussies will experience because of it – no matter how they choose to get around here.

We are so close to getting this important climate policy over the finish line.

After years of campaigning, the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will be voted on in Parliament in the coming weeks.

We need your help to let our politicians know we support them voting yes for this policy.

It’s important that Australians speak up and let our elected leaders know that we want fuel efficiency standards now to cut climate pollution fast this decade.

Many in the car industry have been peddling a dirty misinformation campaign against this policy to try and keep profiting off selling dirty polluting vehicles. We need your help to drown out their voices and let decision makers know that the majority of Australians want these standards to cut our fuel bills, clean up our air, and increase our choice in vehicle to drive.

Email your MP today to tell them that you, and the majority of Australians, support these standards.

Want to learn more about New Vehicle Efficiency Standards? Check out our resources below: