Australia has a new Environment and Energy Minister… but what does it mean for climate policy?

20.07.16 By
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Two weeks after the Federal Election we finally have a confirmed Government, and as of yesterday, a new ministry.

While Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made minor changes to the Cabinet overall, the Environment portfolio received a major shake-up.

Incumbent Minister for Environment Greg Hunt is moving onto Industry, Innovation and Science, while Josh Frydenberg is taking on the expanded Environment and Energy portfolio.

So what does this mean for the future of climate policy in Australia?

It’s definitely too early to tell – but we think merging the Energy and Environment portfolios is a positive step, as these two issues are closely linked.

As for the new Minister? Here’s what we know about Frydenberg’s positions on coal, renewable energy and emissions reduction (based on public comments):


Frydenberg says:

The Climate Council says:




Frydenberg says:

The Climate Council says:


Frydenberg says:

ABC FactCheck says:

The Climate Change Authority says:


* The recommended 19% target includes Australia’s carryover from the first commitment period of Kyoto Protocol.

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