5 Climate Commitments for 2018

15.01.18 By
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Start your new year right! Here are five simple steps you can take to push for action on climate change in 2018. Repeat after us: this year, I will…

1. Get the facts on climate change

Climate change is influencing extreme weather events, such as hotter, longer lasting and more frequent heatwaves and supercharged storms. Learn more about the link between extreme weather, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change by joining our mailing list and reading our:

And make sure you know how to stay cool in a heatwave with our essential guide.

2. Read the latest news on renewables

Frustrated with Australia’s lack of leadership on renewable energy? You might be relieved to know that states are taking action. Find out who is in the lead. Need to know how to navigate tricky conversations about renewables? Read and share our mythbusting BBQ guide.

3. Nominate my council for the Cities Power Partnership

In Australia and all over the world, local governments and communities are leading the switch to clean energy. The Cities Power Partnership (CPP) is a Climate Council initiative empowering councils with actionable information on renewable energy, efficiency and transport, and establishing knowledge-sharing between regional and metropolitan councils. Nominate your community today and let’s light up Australia with climate legends!

4. Write a letter to my MP

A letter is a simple and effective way to tell your member of parliament (MP) about an issue that’s important to you. But if you’ve never written one before, or you’re not sure what to include in it, the prospect can be daunting. To help, we’ve put together a simple, step-by-step guide. Possible topics: action on climate change, saving the Great Barrier Reef, investment in renewable energy… but you might have more ideas! So make a resolution to let your MP know what matters to you this year. Know someone who could use our guide? Share it with them, too!


Write a letter to your MP

5. Share a video on Facebook

Share our video on the renewable energy jobs *boom!* to educate your friends and family about the unmissable economic opportunities renewables will provide. Follow us on Facebook for more videos, news and expert information about climate change.

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Photos: William DeHoogh / Roman Kraft / J. Kelly Brito via Unsplash