Our Lord Howe Island fundraising trip: help us reach our goal!

16.03.16 By
This article is more than 8 years old

This month, eleven of our most dedicated supporters will head off to Lord Howe Island on a fundraising trip for the Climate Council!

They’re raising much needed funds for the Council, as well as raising awareness of the impacts of climate change in their own communities.

The team has raised $40,000 so far, but need your help to get to their goal of $45,000.

Donate Now

We wouldn’t exist without community support, so we’d like to thank everyone – friends, colleagues, partners, family and otherswho have pitched in to help our trekkers so far.

Your donations are powering the work of the Climate Council, and will go towards many critical projects to be carried out this year, including producing scientific reports, hosting events in the community and getting even more climate change stories into the media.

To learn more about our amazing Lord Howe Island trekkers check out their fundraising page here.