The Climate Institute announces its closure

09.03.17 By
This article is more than 7 years old

You may have heard the sad news today that The Climate Institute is closing its doors.

Firstly, we wanted to assure you that The Climate Institute is an entirely separate organisation to The Climate Council – and that we will keep going!

But, this does leave a big gap to fill.

For over ten years, the Climate Institute has done important research on climate science and policy in Australia. For example, their researchers have been at every major international climate conference, providing independent information to governments.

Sadly, they’ve had to close down because the philanthropic funding they relied upon has dried up.

What does this mean?

The bottom line is this: There’s now one less organisation in Australia providing critical information on the science of climate change, at a time when the push for new coal and polluting fossil fuels is getting stronger.

What can we do?

This means that we’ll need to step up, and work even harder.

As this news shows, it’s hard to run a independent climate group without government or business funding.

This is not the news we wanted to hear – but we have no doubt that together we can strengthen our resolve and keep fighting.