The Climate Comeback Kid

19.09.18 By
This article is more than 5 years old

The Climate Council is still going strong after being kicked to the curb by the Abbott Government in 2013. Today, we are the leading independent voice on climate change in Australia after being reborn out of the largest crowdfunding campaign in Australian history.  

“We were thrilled with the incredible support and got to work straight away, continuing to provide the community, journalists, policymakers, emergency service workers, health professionals and farmers with accurate information on worsening extreme weather, climate science and energy” – CEO Amanda McKenzie


Our 5th birthday is the perfect opportunity to share our successes with the communities, families and individuals that helped forge the Climate Council.

We’re proud of our team and our councillors. We have experts across the board in health, transport, energy, biodiversity, climate change, communications, earth system science, emergent technologies and public policy. We speak plainly about the  impacts of worsening climate change, and provide solutions steeped in research and backed by science.


So what have we achieved in five years?

Published almost 100 reports on climate science and climate solutions.


Generated over 20,000 media stories.


Reached over 8 million people across 70 communities through the Cities Power Partnership, which is now the nation’s largest local government climate change program.


Spearheaded the country’s first climate change and security summit.


“I shudder to think of what the state of climate science communications would look like, without the efforts of the Climate Council over the last five years. My message to the people who supported us in the very beginning and to everyone who has chipped in along the way – this is your victory” – CEO Amanda McKenzie


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