What should the Climate Council do next?

08.02.18 By
This article is more than 6 years old

Ever wanted to influence the direction of the Climate Council? Well, now’s your chance.

We’re asking our community to share their thoughts, by completing a survey, because we know the power of conversations and hearing from different voices.

Take Geoff for example.

Geoff’s a cattle farmer based near Cunnamulla, in outback Queensland, and is one of our Founding Friends – a supporter who’s been with us right from the very start. In telling his story about his heartbreaking experiences of climate impacts on the land, he’s informed how our scientists and communicators can better engage with rural Australians. With Geoff’s help, we’ve tailored our work to reach others like him who may not have had access to independent information before.

One person. One conversation. Lasting impacts.

From day one, the Climate Council has been powered by our amazing community of supporters, who have been, and continue to be, the lifeblood of our organisation. So we want to hear from our community how we can amplify our voices together in 2018.

Can you take the survey now?

Our community is made up of people from all walks of life: from scientists to surgeons; educators to emergency service workers; barristers to baristas; Mums and Dads. We live right across Australia: from Gladstone to Geelong; Bondi to Bunbury; Dubbo to Darwin. We’re young and old and somewhere in between. But our diversity is our strength. When we put our heads together and draw on our multitude of lived experiences, we hear new stories, meet new people and learn new insights. And we’re made all the richer for it.

Surveys provide an opportunity to inform the direction of our work. By sharing small moments, this helps us understand where Australians are at on climate change: the conversation with your hairdresser about increasing heatwaves, the story you overheard at the pub about rising power prices, your neighbours who are all installing solar. When pulled together, new patterns, themes and insights emerge that paint a bigger picture. Can you take a few moments to share your thoughts and experiences?

Your answers will help us understand what’s important to you. And together, we’ll create a plan for a blockbuster 2018.

Thanks for taking the time to help us shape our future.