​South Australian energy plan signals storage revolution

14.03.17 By
This article is more than 7 years old

AUSTRALIA’S largest battery storage technology will be built in South Australia to warehouse renewable energy, providing more affordable and reliable electricity, along with jobs and investment.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie praised the South Australian Government’s leadership on energy, saying its $150 million Renewable Technology Fund and battery storage policy is a step in the right direction towards a clean, smart and 21st Century energy system for the whole of Australia.

“Smart, clean renewable energy coupled with storage technology is the future of Australia’s energy system. Renewables and storage technology means zero emissions, affordable power and electricity that’s available every hour of every day,” she said.

“Australia’s energy system is ageing, inefficient, polluting and is not coping as extreme weather events worsen. This significant increase in battery storage would build resilience into the South Australian grid, while maximising supply.”

The Climate Council CEO said the inclusion of new gas for domestic use, and a suite of gas incentives in the state’s energy plan is disappointing, with the rest of the world already beginning to turn its back on fossil fuels and polluting energy sources.

“Unfortunately this further highlights the big challenges with gas. It is expensive and polluting. And because most gas is going overseas it will continue becoming more and more expensive. We need clean and affordable power. Gas is polluting and expensive.”

“However, the South Australian Government should be congratulated for taking the first steps towards seriously tackling Australia’s energy challenges and making the grid more reliable for the future.”

Climate Councillor and energy expert Andrew Stock said the major energy plan further cements South Australia as the national leader when it comes to modernising the energy grid for the 21st Century.

“This announcement means there will also be significant local economic opportunities available, opening up the market for a number of Australian based battery storage companies. It’s a huge opportunity for innovation here in Australia, including manufacturing, delivery and operations.”

“This plan also means the speed and delivery around the regulatory processes for the energy market in South Australia needs to significantly improve. In the time Australian energy regulators look at rule changes, the worlds biggest battery plant has been built and the worlds biggest grid scale battery installations too.”

Mr Stock said a national energy plan is now required to ensure the transition to clean, renewable energy continues.

“This further illustrates that the transition in our energy system is underway. More storage will come online as batteries drop further in price. We need a national plan to ensure a smooth transition.”

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