Solar panels are now cheaper than grid electricity in these 5 American cities.

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30 million Americans living in the below 5 cities can now enjoy “solar parity” according to a report by the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center.

What on earth is that? It means that the cost of solar power from your roof is the same price or cheaper than buying electricity from a big energy company via the grid. The bottom line: in these areas fossil fuels have officially lost the price race to solar!

So where exactly can you enjoy this low-cost renewable energy bliss?

1. San Francisco

Image by Flickr user Yang and Yun

2. Los Angeles

Image by Ben Sherman

3. Boston

Image by Matthias Rosenkranz

4. San Diego

Image by Navid Serrano

5. San Jose

Image by Robert Campbell

It’s a rooftop revolution, and it’s not just these 5 cities getting in on the action – the report expects that by 2021, 109 million Americans will live in areas that have reached solar parity.

And the Yanks aren’t the only ones who love solar. Research by Ipsos last week showed that solar is the favourite form of energy for Australians, with 87% of respondents in favour of rooftop solar, with other renewable energy forms coming in just behind. Hundreds of thousands of Australian households have benefited with solar PV panel prices falling 75% in the last 5 years.