Four ways to have a more eco friendly road trip!

21.12.17 By
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Rather than lining up in hefty airport security lines, many Australians opt to explore our scenic country by way of a classic summer road trip! However, the ironic shortcoming of this type of travel is that the picturesque landscapes we drive far and wide to see are in fact being harmed by our car’s greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, in 2014 cars produced 46% of all transport emissions across Australia (more on this here).

But don’t worry, we aren’t about to suggest that you never go on another road trip again. Lucky for you, we’ve got these simple tips to help make your road trip a little more eco friendly:

1. Switch cars

If your car is a petrol guzzling machine, consider renting a more fuel-efficient car. A common-sense rule to stick by is that smaller cars are typically more fuel-efficient. Many car rental outlets offer hybrid vehicles, or if you’re really keen for an experience, hire an electric vehicle like these jokers! No petrol, no worries!


2. Go light on colour

If you have the $$$ to rent a car you might as well rent a white car. Research shows that white cars get about 2 percent better fuel economy than black ones. Who’da thunk it?

3. Go easy on the AC

We know Australian summers can get scorching hot (hellooo effects of climate change), but try to keep AC use to a minimum. Some road rules to follow include parking in the shade, opening the windows to vent hot air before gunning the air-con, and set the AC to recirculate. You could also consider not using AC at all – driving with the windows down feels great!

4. Go easy on the packing

Finally, pack light. The more weight the engine has to pull, the harder it has to work!