This legend rode from Canberra to Perth to raise funds for the Climate Council!

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Another one of our amazing supporters has undertaken an incredible challenge to raise funds for the Climate Council. Alida Gyory rode her bike 4211km across the country, raising over $22,000! The money raised has been split between the Climate Council and two other charitable organisations.

We think Alida’s pretty inspirational and asked her to reflect on her journey. Read about her extraordinary trip below, and if you’d like to support the Climate Council you can donate here.

Canberra to Perth. By bike. Age 28. Female. No support crew. 1 June to 9 August 2015 – 10 weeks. 4211km. 2 punctures. Longest day: 187km. Shortest day: 35km. Average day: 110km. 4 states and 1 territory. Countless muesli bars. 2 pairs of knicks. 1 pair of civilian clothes. 8 radio interviews. 7 paper stories. 3 TV news stories. 1 school visit. Those are the official stats.

It seems like a pretty big deal – cycling over 4000km across a continent is not your average road trip – but actually it’s a great modern day demonstration of the old Aesop fable of Tortoise and the Hare: slow and steady wins the race. My uncle whom I stayed with in Wagga Wagga in the very early days of the trip thought I wouldn’t make it, but was one of the first to congratulate me when I did. People I met along the way told me straight up that I was nuts or courageous or stupid. I like to think it’s a well-rounded combination of all three, with a touch of stubborn perseverance.

There were the many wonderful people I stayed with along the way in NSW, VIC, SA and WA. Friends, and friends of friends, and even friends of friends of friends. It was amazing and overwhelming to be so generously welcomed into so many people’s homes and lives along the way. I met teachers, council members, farmers, bankers, students, scientists, artists, parish members, foresters, retirees, tradesmen, miners, precocious and ever inquisitive seven year olds, family pets and even apiarists.

Overall it was an amazing journey, and I’m so grateful to everyone across Australia who donated to my cause.