World’s largest virtual power plant a game changer

05.02.18 By
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SOUTH AUSTRALIA is preparing to step up its renewables and energy storage game, with the state announcing plans to rollout the world’s largest virtual power plant.

Climate Council Acting CEO and Head of Research, Dr Martin Rice said the South Australian Government and Tesla initiative was a ‘game changer’ for the national energy market, and would cut rising household power bills.

“This announcement shows that the transition to a 21st Century grid, made up of clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy and battery storage is inevitable and it’s happening now,” he said.

Dr Rice said South Australia is home to the highest proportion of solar and wind electricity in Australia, which is also among the highest in the world.

“South Australia is leading the charge, from the most powerful battery, wind and solar plants, to upcoming solar thermal and now the world’s largest virtual power plant,” he said.

“The state is doing its bit to slash pollution levels and to tackle climate change, now we just need the Federal Government to do the same for the nation.”

The announcement details low income households, Tesla and the state’s electricity grid will share the benefits. The initiative will see around 50,000 homes in South Australia receive solar panels and battery storage installed, with the cost of the project financed in part through the sale of electricity generated from the solar panels installed. The system can also provide power to the grid at time of peak demand.

Dr Rice said the announcement also follows the release of ReachTel polling, commissioned by the Climate Council in South Australia last week. The results showing SA residents polled are proud of the state’s leadership on renewables and storage.

“The results show that no matter what the age, around 60% of people polled are proud of the state’s clean energy leadership,” he said.

“Almost 60 percent of people polled (33.5% Liberal, 83.3% Labor, 54.3% SA Best) said the rest of Australia should follow SA’s lead on renewable energy and storage within the next five to ten years.”

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