Wentworth By-Election: A Referendum on Climate Change

22.10.18 By
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The voters of Wentworth have sent a clear message to the Federal government that inaction on climate change will not be tolerated.

“Climate change and replacing coal with renewable energy was the biggest single issue motivating voters in Wentworth. We know this because of exit-polling conducted by the Australia Institute,” said Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie.

Almost 80% of people said climate change had at least some influence on their vote, according to interim results from the poll. Almost half of those polled said it had a big influence.

Independent MP Kerryn Phelps, who remains the favourite to take the seat, is calling “for common sense on climate action.”  Her views are in line with the majority of Australians.

The Australia Institute’s Climate of the Nation 2018 polling found 73% of Australians are concerned about climate change, up from 66% in 2017.

“Australia is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change.  Across the electorate, from Bondi to Rose Bay and Woolloomooloo, rising sea levels pose risks to property and beaches,” said Ms McKenzie.

“The huge swing against the government in Wentworth shows us there are political consequences for having no credible climate or energy policy. Our greenhouse gas pollution levels are continuing a to rise. Australians are telling the government they won’t stand for this any longer.”

“It’s time for the Morrison government to look to the future and embrace renewable power,” she said.

Ms McKenzie urged Australians to contact their local member of parliament to ask them about their position on climate change.

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