Victorians the winners from clean energy push

29.11.23 By

The Climate Council welcomes the Victorian Government’s introduction today of legislation locking in some of Australia’s strongest targets for growing clean energy and cutting carbon pollution. This is the kind of race to the top on climate action Australia needs now.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said: “Victorians will reap the rewards today from the government ramping up clean energy.

“Victoria’s plans will help reduce power bills, increase investment in clean energy and create new jobs across the state. This is a triple win for Victorians.”

“Adding climate considerations to Victoria’s planning regime is also a major step forward. It will take an ‘everything, everywhere, all at once’ approach to keep communities safe from climate change. So the impact of all new projects on climate change, and how resilient they will be in a heating climate, should be front of mind in assessments.

“The federal government should now take a lead from Victoria by putting climate into our national environment law so that all new projects – whether in this state or elsewhere – also have to be assessed for their climate impacts.”

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