Turnbull’s energy deception is holding Australia back

13.02.17 By
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THE TURNBULL GOVERNMENT has lost credibility to deal with Australia’s ageing energy network, after revelations it deceived Australians about the cause of the South Australian blackout last year.

Climate Councillor and former head of BP Australasia, Greg Bourne said Australians are right to wonder if the Turnbull Government can be trusted to create critical energy policy after its coordinated attack on renewable energy.

“This government has been all talk and no action. It’s wasted more than 4 years trying to blame others for the crisis it has helped create, all the while ignoring crucial advice from scientists, energy experts and experts on renewables,” he said.

During the South Australian blackout in September independent body AEMO advised the Turnbull Government that the cause was the extreme storm downing transmission towers.

The Government blamed renewables.

“The current blame game is a distraction from real challenges. Doing nothing is holding Australia back from gaining investment and modernising our energy system.”

Mr Bourne said Australia’s electricity system is not yet broken; but parts are ageing, unreliable and polluting.

“The world is moving rapidly away from fossil fuels, coal fire power stations are retiring and new renewable power is coming online. Meanwhile, worsening extreme weather is putting pressure on the grid across all states. The Turnbull Government needs a clear plan to move our energy infrastructure into the 21st century.”

“It’s time to rejuvenate and invest for a smart, secure and affordable 21st century based on renewable and storage technologies. Investment and jobs growth is in new technologies and building energy systems for the future. ”

“There’s no plan or consistent policy for fixing Australia’s energy market. In any sector there’s always new technology coming online. The transition to renewables is underway worldwide and without a national energy plan Australia is resisting the inevitable.”

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