Top Energy Experts Counter Government Misinformation

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Dozens of the country’s leading climate and energy experts – including climate scientists, academics and former heads of energy companies – have signed a joint statement stressing that without further action Australia will not meet its 2030 pollution reduction target.

The statement references the Federal Government’s data as well as analysis by international authorities and local experts, concluding that Australia’s pollution is rising and that we are not on track to meet our Paris target.

“The Federal Government has repeatedly tried to bamboozle us with numbers claiming that Australia is effectively tackling climate change, but ultimately the test is whether greenhouse gas pollution is going down fast enough. Unfortunately it is going up and up and up,” said Climate Councillor and former head of BP Australasia, Greg Bourne.

“Importantly, the Government’s latest announcements are unlikely to make a significant difference. Pollution has increased year on year under the Government’s recently re-badged Emissions Reduction Fund. This is a failed policy because it does not effectively tackle pollution from fossil fuels, which contribute the lion’s share to the climate problem,” said Bourne.

The joint statement emphasises that Australia is in the firing line of climate change and that the time for action is now.

“Climate change is a becoming an economic wrecking ball and it’s already having an impact. We’re witnessing extreme heat that cripples infrastructure, sea level rise that’s making coastal properties uninsurable and bushfires that turn World Heritage  rainforests into ashes,” said Climate Councillor, Professor Will Steffen.

“We need stronger national targets and policy on climate change in order to protect our environment and keep our economy strong,” said Professor Steffen.

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