Special Briefing: Climate Change and the Budget

15.10.20 By
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The biggest disappointment of the 2020 Federal Budget was confirmation of the Federal Government’s risky plan to unlock five new gas basins in Australia, as well as new funding for polluting coal, upgrading the ageing and unreliable Vales Point coal-fired generator in NSW.

We’ll also see significant sums of public money invested in the failing gas industry, locking in polluting fossil fuel projects, and changing the rules of the CEFC and ARENA (Australia’s clean energy agencies) to allow them to prop up fossil fuels.

However there is some good news, including additional funding for the CSIRO, renewable energy microgrids to provide cheaper and more reliable power to remote and regional Australia, and unlocking further renewable energy with transmission projects such as CopperString 2.0 in QLD.

Watch our Special Budget Briefing to find out what the 2020 Federal Budget means for climate action, and determine what we need to see in state budgets.