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THE CLIMATE COUNCIL has strong concerns about the Federal Government’s technology roadmap because it emphasises the continued use of fossil fuels.  

“How many roads must the Morrison Government walk down before it has a viable climate plan?” asked the Climate Council’s CEO Amanda McKenzie.

“This is supposed to be a plan to get down pollution, but it bypasses solutions that are ready now and it will not significantly reduce emissions for more than a decade. Why is the Morrison Government pushing fossil fuels which are driving more intense bushfires?” she said.

“The Government must step up and set a target of net zero emissions well before 2050. Most other countries, including the UK, will take a net zero emissions target to the next international climate negotiations while Australia will be showing up with a marketing brochure,” she said.   

“It is very disheartening to see the Government’s focus on fossil fuels especially after the Black Summer bushfires and the recent mass bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef,” said Greg Bourne, former President of BP Australasia and advisor to Margaret Thatcher.

“Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is expensive and won’t be a commercial proposition without a massive carbon tax. Hydrogen made with gas and coal requires CCS and will be inordinately expensive. These technologies are aimed at prolonging the life of fossil fuels in our energy system,” said Mr Bourne. 

While the technology roadmap is not a plan for climate action, the Climate Council believes it does have some green shoots, which should be acknowledged.

The Good 
  • Energy storage, soil carbon
The Bad
  • Hydrogen produced with gas, Carbon Capture and Storage, No net zero emissions target
The Ugly
  • There is no climate plan still 

“The government cannot say it is going to deal with climate change and then promote a gas led recovery. Australians are right to question how investing in the problem creates any kind of solution,” said Mr Bourne.

“Australia needs a plan for clean jobs that will get people back to work and tackle long term issues like climate change. The Clean Jobs Plan would get 76,000 Australians back to work now,” he said.

“Australia has an enormous opportunity to be a world leader in renewable energy. We should be using this unique time to invest in the jobs of the future,” he said.

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