A Renewable Feast

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The Climate Council’s “A Renewable Feast” report brings together a feast of renewable-powered food and drinks, showcasing Australian growers and manufacturers who are using clean energy.

This report profiles a range of food and beverage businesses both large and small, from across the country. From global corporations, to local farmers and craft breweries, it highlights food producers using renewable energy to take control of their bills and reduce their carbon pollution. This report provides information for Australian families wanting to enjoy a climate-conscious festive season by choosing to support businesses taking action on climate change.


infographic of Australian food and beverage businesses who use renewable energy


More than 40,000 Australian businesses are switching to renewable energy, substantially reducing their power bills and helping address climate change.

Australians can use their purchasing power to support renewable powered businesses and, in doing so, enjoy a climate-conscious festive season. Here are a few examples of Aussie businesses making the switch:

It is vital that Australian businesses continue to lead on the transition to renewable energy, particularly in the absence of credible national climate and energy policy.